Stephen Greig

Company Secretary

Stephen Greig specializes in Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademark law and has been practicing Law for the last 26 years in Jamaica. He spent over 19 years as the in-house Attorney-at-Law and Company Secretary for the RJR Communications Group, the largest media house in the English speaking Caribbean. In addition to his Corporate Secretarial experience across 5 media entities and internal committees within the RJR Group, he also acted as a senior level advisor for strategic policy making and strategic marketing across the Jamaican and Caribbean Diaspora. He is no stranger to complex legal issues and has deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of managing company secretarial duties for listed companies. Currently, Mr. Greig is a Managing Partner in the firm Mills Bellamy Greig. As Company Secretary to Everything Fresh Ltd, he ensures the company’s business is administered efficiently and maintains compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

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