Melene Rose Pullen

Executive Director

Melene Pullen cultivates a sense of security and an open door policy to all team members in Everything Fresh Ltd. She is dedicated to strengthening the company’s foundation – its employees. The team, who she sees as extended family, has planted deep roots. As evidenced by many of the staff members’ long work history, they continue to branch out and grow along with the company.

Mrs. Pullen’s disciplined upbringing nurtured a strong work ethic from the start. She pulls from the positive work values that were instilled in her as a child to maintain an organisational and professional attitude to this day. She fosters the same level of professionalism and dedication in those she guides and manages in her role as Executive Director. Her implementation of successful marketing strategies throughout the years has played a vital role in the growth of the company’s product and customer base. However, her greatest reward is the pride she feels in providing meaningful benefits to employees.

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