Premier importer and distributor of fruits, meats and more.

Everything Fresh Limited strives to ensure total customer satisfaction and to provide a valuable service for all our customers. It is a one-stop shop for high-quality food items and consumables. We stock the freshest and highest quality products, and are constantly updating our inventory with new products based on the needs of our customers. We offer a comprehensive range of dairy products, meats, seafood, fruits and dry goods.

We are committed to the highest standards.

Due to our commitment to high standards of quality and superior customer service, we are continuously referred to new clients by our existing customers. We believe in providing good value for money. Our store caters to your daily needs and we welcome visits at any time. In case there is something you cannot find in our grocery store; our friendly staff is on hand to assist with your needs.

We stock a wide variety of products

Everything Fresh Limited stocks a wide variety of excellent products under each category. Our dairy offering includes; hard and soft cheeses such as cheddar, pepper jack, swiss, parmesan, monterey jack, blue cheese, brie, camembert, gouda, buffalo and mozzarella, as well as yogurt, whipped cream and butter. Our seafood includes salmon, chemical free shrimp, mussels, king crab legs, scallops, squid, octopus and clams. Our meat catalog boasts the finest duck, turkey beef and lamb. Our fresh produce portfolio includes goods such as apples, pears, grapes, peaches, kiwis and much, much more. Whilst we endeavor to provide all products to satisfy our customer’s needs, it is important to us not to compete with locally produced products and as such we do not import products that are available by through Jamaican farmers and producers.