Our business started as Courtney Pullen (sole trader) in 1996 selling local farm produce to the supermarkets. After three years of purchasing produce from farmers and doing a little farming for ourselves, we decided to purchase imported fruits and vegetables from the United State of America through a local importer in Jamaica. The sales of imported produce were a lot higher than local produce so we formed a new company named C.L. Pullen Limited in March 2003.

With C.L. Pullen Limited we were able to open new doors with suppliers of imported produce and a better relationship with our bank. The company grew at a rapid rate doubling in size each year for about four years and balanced out at 25 to 30 percent increase every year after that.

In 2004 we stopped purchasing goods from the local produce importer and started to purchase our goods directly from the United States of America, and in doing this, the profit range increased.

We decided to look into new products so we formed a new company named Everything Fresh Limited in August 2003 which was to enhance sales in new lines of products like dairy and dry food. We stated our test market in October of 2008 (even though Everything Fresh Limited was incorporated in 2003). The result was positive and in January 2009 Everything Fresh Limited started to distribute to supermarkets dairy products and deli meats.

By not limiting our self to only selling fruits and vegetables but increasing the range of products of dairy, meats and assorted dry and canned goods, we felt this was the path to enhance our company to new levels.

We formed a new company in Miami, Florida named Quality Produce and Groceries Inc. with the owners being Courtney Pullen and Melene Pullen. This company was designed to purchase all goods direct from the manufacturers and thereby increasing our profit range.

Our Success

We have a very good relationship with our suppliers and customers. We provide professional, expeditious and courteous service to all customers.

With purchasing direct from manufacturers and therefore making our price competitive, we were able to enter the food service market supplying hotels instead of only supermarkets. This increased our market area at least five times its size. Hotels that we started to supply were Riu, Fiesta, Secrets, Iberostar, Bahia, Royalton, Couples and Jewel to name a few.

At the start of 2012, an opening was created by the closure of National Meats Company and Riu Hotels ask us to import meats for them. We purchased two Freight Liner trucks and built three freezer rooms and in July 2012 we started to import beef, poultry and seafood for Riu Hotels. Sales of imported meat and seafood also extended to the other hotels.